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Mary's Heirloom Seeds

Wildflower Mix: Midwest

Wildflower Mix: Midwest

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Midwest wildflower seed mixture is made up of 19 species chosen for their lasting blooms as well s their rugged ability to withstand the extremes of the Midwestern climates.Under normal conditions, this mix may reach a height of 24-30 inches.

  • Baby's Breath, Annual
  • Wallflower, Siberian
  • Cornflower, Blue
  • Coreopsis, Lance Leaved
  • Coneflower, Purple
  • Flax, Blue
  • Lupine, Perennial
  • Pinks, Sweet William
  • Larkspur, Rocket
  • Blanketflower
  • Indian Blanket
  • Evening Primrose, Dwarf
  • Catchfly
  • Poppy, Red Corn
  • Coneflower, Clasping
  • Poppy, Corn
  • Coreopsis, Plains
  • Coneflower, Prairie
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Aster, New England


Contains 200 Wildflower Seeds

*NEW for 2017*

This wildflower seed mix is formulated for IL, IN, IA, eastern KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, eastern NE, OH, WI.

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