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WATERMELON, Sugar Baby Watermelon

WATERMELON, Sugar Baby Watermelon

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WATERMELON Sugar Baby Citrullus lanatus  Seeds per packet ~ 20 Germination 95%  (Packed for 2023).

Like other small watermelons, the Sugar Baby is considered an ‘icebox watermelon’ because it fits easily in a refrigerator or a picnic cooler. These small melons don’t need a ton of space or time to ripen. Sugar baby watermelons weigh in at 6 to 15 pounds and measures 6 to 10 inches across. This size melon is easy to consume—in its entirety—at a picnic or family supper.

The ‘Sugar Baby’ variety is an heirloom watermelon that is native to Oklahoma and introduced by Woodside Seed Company in 1955.  But watermelons have a history going back 5,000 years to Africa. (See National Geographic article). Watermelons were first cultivated in Africa before spreading north into Mediterranean countries and, later, to other parts of Europe. The transatlantic slave trade was the main vehicle by which the watermelon made its way to the New World. Before it became a racist stereotype in the Jim Crow era, watermelon once symbolized black self-sufficiency. After the Civil War, free black people grew, ate and sold watermelon—the fruit became a symbol of freedom. 

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