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Squash (Winter) Seeds - Pink Banana Jumbo

Squash (Winter) Seeds - Pink Banana Jumbo

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If you are looking to set the record for your county's (or state's) biggest squash, then the heirloom Pink Banana Jumbo Squash is your answer. These pinkish skinned beauties can grow to a staggering 3 feet and weigh up to 50 pounds!! Not to worry, pink banana jumbo squash are great for eating too. Pink Banana Jumbo Squash have a delicious yellow-orange flesh that can be substituted in recipes that call for acorn or butternut squash or as the "pumpkin" in pies. Pink Banana Jumbo Squashes should be planted as soon as the last spring frost is over. This will allow the Pink Banana Jumbo squash its 100-105 days to reach maturity before the first frost of fall. Order your Pink Banana Jumbo Squash seeds today, and watch heads turn as these giants grow in your garden and mouths water at the dinner table as you serve this delicious winter squash!

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