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SQUASH, Bush Delicata

SQUASH, Bush Delicata

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Cucurbita pepo  

Seeds per pack ~ 20   

Germination: 91%  Packed for 2023

The Bush Delicata squash is sweet and has a long shelf life. The orange flesh color indicates it is rich in Vitamin A. It's an early ripener for a winter squash (90-100 days from sowing to harvest), and has an unusually thin, tasty skin.  

Bush Delicata squash is tolerant to powdery mildew therefore it will increase your overall yield. The bush habit is a major improvement on the classic vining delicata squash which are difficult to grow in small garden spaces, raised beds and container gardens. But while this variety is compact, the mature bush may send out 4-to-6 foot runners later in the season.


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