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SORGHUM, White African

SORGHUM, White African

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Sorghum bicolor subsp. bicolor

Seeds per pack ~ 100

Germination: 69% Jan 2023  (Packed for 2023)

One of the staples of ancient Egypt, grain sorghum is an ancient food. This tall-growing grass can be traced back to both Asia and Africa. White African Sorghum is a dual-purpose grain and syrup sorghum that grows 9-10 ft tall and produces white seeds partially enclosed by a black glume. As a grain, sorghum can be transformed into a flour and made into flatbreads, gluten-free loaves and other baked goodies. The waxy coating on the plant’s leaves helps the plant retain water, an adaptation helpful in seasons and regions of intense heat.  It can be cooked as a whole grain and eaten like rice or couscous or milled into grits. As a sweetener, sorghum cane can be pressed into delicious fresh juice, which can then be boiled down into syrup or fermented into alcohol. Since it is highly drought-tolerant, White African sorghum can grow in harsh environments where other plants tend not to flourish.

According to our source for these seeds, the great Amirah Mitchell of Sistah Seeds, White African Sorghum is originally from South Africa and was one of the first sorghum varieties to be grown in the United States in the 1850’s, under the name "Enyama Imphee." It was primarily grown for syrup but was largely abandoned with the development of sweeter varieties.


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