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SORGHUM, Broom Corn

SORGHUM, Broom Corn

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Sorghum bicolor subsp. bicolor

Germination rate 94%  

Seeds per pack ~ 70.   (Packed for 2023).

A pretty mix of sorghums used for making brooms after ripe seeds are stripped from panicles. Can be used for bird food. This is also a highly ornamental sorghum that can be grown as a seasonal screen, and the panicles make a great addition to fresh or dried flower arrangements.

Although commonly called "Broom Corn", Sorghum bicolor is not truly corn. The stalks are similar to corn but they do not produce ears.  When harvested and dried, these stiff bristles are processed and bound to form broom heads and brushes and are also used for wreaths and other decorations. 

According to Britannica online, broom corn heads can be harvested for brooms or ornamental uses anytime after the seed head develops. Harvesting and drying the seed heads at various stages of development results in varied appearances in the color of the seed.  As the plant matures, the seed heads will deepen in color and the seeds will become heavier and shiny.

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