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Round Hanging Basket Coco Liner Coconut Fiber Replacement

Round Hanging Basket Coco Liner Coconut Fiber Replacement

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Round Hanging Basket Coco Liner Coconut Fiber Replacement Flower Basket


Fit Your Patio Planters Nicely: Coco liners are well made and sturdy. They are the great husks for starting hanging plants on baskets that you already had, and the popular choice among consumers and growers. Can be used for home furnishings, home gardening, balcony gardens, wedding decoration, and greening projects.

Natural Coco Fiber Liner: All the liners are made from 100% natural coconut fiber, which is pressed by natural latex bonding and has good air permeability. The pre-formed liner has a uniform thickness and is tightly pressed, which can be used well with the hanging basket.

Keeps Moist Between Waterings: These pads have a tight weave so you will not lose excessive amounts of water. The water and soil stay in. Even if it freezes early, plants can survive under your careful care. In addition, they can be composted and degraded when no longer needed.

Easy To Use: These are very fresh and pliable basket liners, The diameter is 12” and the depth is about 9.2”. You just need to spread the lining in the prepared hanging basket with a diameter of 12 inches and then put in the nutrient soil and plants, and the planting work is easily completed.


100% natural coconut fiber
Diameter: 8"/10"/12"/14"/16"

Fit pour patio planters nicely
Pre-formed for easy use
Use it as fertilizer
Keeps moist between waterings
Natural Coco Fiber Liner

Package: 2Pcs Round Natural Coco Fiber Liner(not include Plant Basket)

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