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RADISH, Misato Rose

RADISH, Misato Rose

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Raphanus sativus

Seeds per pack ~ 75

Germination: 97%  (Packed for 2023)

The scarlet red flesh and a green/white skin make 'Misato Rose' a beautiful watermelon radish. Grown from late-summer planting (throughout August) for autumn harvest and storage for winter use (not recommended for spring planting). Spaced 4" apart, these roots get 4-6" in diameter, and make some serious winter food that is strikingly colorful and nutritious. Wild Garden Seed describes the flavor and texture as sweet and turnip-like, with a mild radish finish and recommends it for kim chi, shredded in beautiful cole slaw, or sliced and slivered into winter salads. Many people who profess to not like radishes actually like this one!

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