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Torino WALL-ROCKET (Perennial Arugula) Diplotaxis tenuifolia

Seeds per pack ~

(Packed for 2023)

This is sure to be one of your new favorites. From Torino (or Turin) in northern Italy, this is a perennial arugula with the spiciness you only get from this more wild species. Many prefer the spicy cress-like flavor of the wild rocket to its cultivated cousin. Slightly smaller and slower growing, it also bolts slower than cultivated arugula. Adds spice to gourmet salads, soups, sauces, or dips. Plant is very productive, continuously producing long slender flat leaves from spring through fall. Leaves are aromatic when crushed. Stimulates appetite and digestion. Attractive to insects, insect pollinated. Also known as Wild Arugula, Wild Roquette, Sylvetta, Lincoln's weed, Sand Rocket and Perennial Arugula. We got these seeds from our friends at Restoration Seeds.
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