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Old Fashion Snowball Viburnum 4" Pot

Old Fashion Snowball Viburnum 4" Pot

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Old Fashion Snowball Viburnum 4" Pot Viburnum trilobum Highbush Cranberry

Absolutely beautiful, and very fragrant! Makes your entire yard smell amazing. You are buying one Old Fashion Snowball Viburnum in a 4" pot 6-12" in height. Covered from top to bottom with the white ball-like masses in late spring.

The bright green foliage turns purplish-red before dropping in the fall. A densely branched flowering shrub is an excellent choice for a flowering hedge. Plant in full sun with average soil in water. Old Fashion Snowball grows 8-10 feet in height but can easily be pruned for small yards. Hardy in zones 3-9.

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