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Nepenthes Alata - Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes Alata - Pitcher Plant

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Nepenthes Alata is a fast-growing and easy to take care of the plant.

This is a very easy-growing pitcher plant with beautiful traps that get red if grown under partial sun. Easy to grow and a great beginner's plant!

The plant you will be from 4 to 6 inches across with already matured at least 2 or more pitchers. It will be planted in a 3” pot.

Important Notes: 1) It is not uncommon to receive a plant with dead or dying pitchers, as this is a normal occurrence in nature; it may lose all pitchers due to a shipping process. Simply trim off the dead plant matter. The plants grow new leaves with new pitchers. 2) Remove all coverings from the plant. 3) Water plant immediately upon receiving it. It should not sit in water but regular watering and misting are appreciated.

I pack my plants the way that they arrive in good condition. If there is a problem please contact me within 24 hours upon receiving your plant and send some photos of the plant and the packaging, so that I can better understand your description of the problem and offer suggestions.

If you are in a colder climate and it is below freezing during the winter you may consider purchasing a cold-weather shipping kit so that the plant won’t freeze during the shipping. All you need to do is to purchase it and I will pack your plant accordingly. If you decide not to purchase it it’s at your own risk and I won’t be responsible if the plant will arrive dead or damaged because of the cold weather.

Quantity: 1 Pc 4 to 6" Pitcher Plant with already matured at least 2 or more pitchers. It will be planted in a 3” pot.

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