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MUNG BEAN, Kali Black Gram

MUNG BEAN, Kali Black Gram

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Vigna mungo

Seeds per pack ~ 160

Germination: 97% (Packed for 2023)

Black mung beans are a different species from the more common green mung beans, but they are similarly useful and are very popular in India and Nepal (where this one originated). Like other beans, black mungs are protein-rich staple food.

According to our seed source, our friends at Adaptive Seeds in Oregon: "Mung beans are often used in a similar way to red lentils, such as in dal makhani. The flour has a sticky texture when cooked making it useful for flatbreads like masala dosa. The small furry plants have yellow flowers and yield early even in Oregon. This strain of black gram was obtained by Anpetu Oihankesni of Sourcepoint Organic Seeds. He sourced it in Bhaktapur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal."


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