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Morel Mushroom 5 Gallons Spores in Sawdust Seed Growing kit

Morel Mushroom 5 Gallons Spores in Sawdust Seed Growing kit

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Fresh True Morel Spores in Sawdust Carrier!

Grow Morel Mushrooms in your yard or garden. Start any time of year with spores! Create your own Morel mushroom forest! Sawdust spawn is per-inoculated with a fresh spore from wild West Virginia morel mushroom spores.

How to grow Morel mushrooms

Just soak spores and sawdust in 5 gallons of filtered/rainwater, then dump water into the best spot you can think of.
Morels are a gourmet prize that was once limited to those willing to trek through the forest in search of these harbingers of spring.

A lot of people use heavier seeds and they are much heavier than sawdust and make it look like you are getting more. don't be fooled by this trick and you want the mushroom to grow not a lot of grass. Now you can start your own patch and know exactly where they will be.No more hunting, just picking!

Although mycelium is a fast colonizer, it may take a few years before it produces any actual mushrooms. Growing MoreL mushrooms is not a hobby for the impatient.
That's right, a few years. Don't get discouraged if nothing happens the following spring.

Keep the area moist. With some luck and the right conditions, you may someday have Morels in your backyard! You are buying spores in a mixture that have been extracted from morel mushrooms.

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