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Monstera Friedrichstalii Swiss Cheese Live Vine Plant

Monstera Friedrichstalii Swiss Cheese Live Vine Plant

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Monstera adansonii also known as Monstera friedrichsthalii [Mon-STER-uh, Free-dreech-sta-lia-na] is a tropical plant, evergreen, glossy vine native to various regions of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, South America and Central America.

The Swiss cheese vine is the type of plant species which changes the shapes of their larger leaves as they mature.

Its common name is the Swiss cheese plant or five holes plant because of its big heart-shaped leaves which are covered with holes. These holes make the plant look like Swiss cheese.

Other Monstera plants look similar to this one, such as the Monstera obliqua but are much rarer than the swiss cheese vine.

Quantity: 1 Plant 2 Leaves 4" Pot

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