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MILLET, Dragon's Claw

MILLET, Dragon's Claw

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Eleusine coracana 

Approximately 100 seeds per pack.

Germination ~ 89% Packed for 2023

Aptly named, Dragon’s Claw is a unique and fun millet with panicles that are shaped like a hand with up to eight fingers pointed up to the sky. Pretty enough to have a place in an autumn bouquet. We got this seed from our friends at Adaptive Seeds, but it is an ancient African grain.

Originated as a food crop in the Ethiopian and Ugandan highlands, although now grown all over the world (and especially popular in India, where it is known as 'Ragi'). Finger Millet is especially valued in dry hot climates where it is ground into flour and made into cakes, flatbreads, and porridge, or fermented into beer. As with all millets, it is difficult to dehull so is most often milled into flower. Also known as "African Finger Millet." Short for a millet, plants grow to just 18” tall.

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