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MELON, Anne Arundel

MELON, Anne Arundel

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Cucumis melo 

Seeds ~ 25


DISCOUNTED SEED-Expired Germination Date-$2 per packet

Named after the County of Anne Arundel in the Baltimore MD area, it was long a familiar variety among a small circle of Maryland farmers for over a century, but has recently become popular among heirloom seed gardeners across the country. It is something like a cross between a cantaloupe and a honeydew, but smaller than the average supermarket versions of both. Having a golden yellow skin and a very tender, green flesh like the honeydew, this melon takes 80-85 days to mature in the spring/summer seasons, and is fairly easy to grow. It can be started indoors or outdoors, but it prefers high heat and a spacious area to grow. Introduced in the late 1800s by two seed firms Griffith & Turner of Baltimore and George Tait & Sons of Norfolk, Virginia. Our seed comes from our dear friends at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

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