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Live Cordyline Red Sister Hawaiian Ti Plant - 10+" Growers Pot

Live Cordyline Red Sister Hawaiian Ti Plant - 10+" Growers Pot

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* No pot * Tropical Cordyline Ti Hawaiian Red Sister houseplant live plant 10 inches or more rooted. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

Tropical Cordyline Ti Hawaiian Red Sister houseplant live plant 10++” Tall

The ti plant is a palm-like shrub that symbolizes the connection between the living and the dead for some Austronesian cultures, having many ceremonial purposes. In practical terms, ti plant is used to make dyes and is grown for ornamentation.

The ti plant is an evergreen shrub grown in gardens around the world, usually as part of a border. The plant will remain happy and healthy year-round when grown in the right conditions, making it a good choice for beginners. It is particularly popular in coastal regions and cities, due to its palm-like appearance and varied foliage color, which ranges from green to bronze to purple.

The ti plant usually needs a warm and sunny environment in order to thrive, although there are now some varieties available that can cope with a wider range of conditions.

Water and Hardiness

Native to New Zealand, eastern Australia, southeastern Asia, and the islands of the Pacific, the ti plant is best suited to USDA hardiness zone 8-11.

While the plant is not classed as completely hardy, mature plants will survive the winter months outdoors in milder regions. The ti plant will survive in temperatures between 41 to 59 ℉ but thrives in temperatures above 61 ℉. Mature plants may survive down to 23 ℉ for short periods, but if the temperature drops to below 34 ℉ for long periods, then the health of the plant may begin to suffer.

If growing indoors, be sure to move your plant away from any cold drafts, particularly when the temperature drops. Though mature plants are capable of surviving the winter, younger plants are more prone to frost damage.

The ti plant is fairly easy to care for as long as attention is paid to how much you water your plant to prevent the soil from drying out. This will depend on the local environment and humidity levels.

Climate: Tropical
Common Name: Red Sister
Color: Red
Soil pH: Neutral
Season of Interest: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
Growth Stage: Flowering
Watering: Medium
Genus: Cordilyne
Growth Rate: Fast
Sunlight: Medium Sun
Features: Annual
Safety: Child Safe, Pet Safe

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