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LETTUCE, Freedom Mix

LETTUCE, Freedom Mix

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Freedom Mix LETTUCE Lactuca sativa

Seeds per pack ~100 

Germination: 92% (Packed for 2023)

One of the very oldest garden plants and still always the essence of summer salad. In 22 years of growing and tasting every wild or tamed salad candidate that any seed source had to offer, we still find lettuce the most pleasing and welcome raw food of midsummer. Always a good base to set off more pungent or aromatic flavors. Though “underestimated” for its food value, crisp-leaf head lettuce is one of the richest vegetable sources of choline (an essential brain nutrient) in the normal American diet. Get focused. Eat lettuce.

This is a special gene pool created by our friends at Will Garden Seeds in Oregon from lettuces that were identified in the GTF Lettuce Disease Trials of 2002-2004. The three year project, also called the "Hell's Half-Acre lettuce trial," identified the most disease resistant lettuces out of 40 commercial, heirloom, and farm-original varieties. Crossing these disease resistant types (inc. ‘Merlot’ and ‘Reine d’ Glaces’) with my best tasting varieties created this “Merlox genepool,” a unique opportunity for selection and recombination of some excellent traits. It is freely offered here with the stipulation that anything derived from it must also remain freely available for others to use. No whole plants, seeds, or traits derived from this breeder’s mix may be patented or protected from the use of others in any way. They may expressly be used by others for crop production, seed increase, and breeding purposes, though they may not be used in any way that restricts their use by others, now or in the future.


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