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LAGOS SPINACH, Sokoyokoto (Edible Celosia)

LAGOS SPINACH, Sokoyokoto (Edible Celosia)

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Celosia argentea  

Germination 91% (Packed for 2023) 

Approximately 70 seeds per packet.

Lagos Spinach (called Sokoyokoto in Nigeria) is an edible summer greens with a texture and taste similar to spinach. Considered to be one of the most beautiful of the edible greens and much sought after in the tropical regions of Africa. Despite its African origin this celosia is also known as a foodstuff in Indonesia and India.  The fresh young leaves are a common item of diet. They are primarily eaten in a dish prepared from various vegetable greens, combined with onion, eggplant, hot peppers, palm oil (or other vegetable oil), and fish or meat. Sometimes, peanut butter is also added as a thickener.

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