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KALE, Bear Necessities

KALE, Bear Necessities

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Brassica napus  

Seeds per pack ~ 180 

Germination: 97% (Packed for 2023)  

A truly extraordinary population of kale you simply must try. We got the seeds from our friends at Adaptive Seeds in Oregon who have this to say about it: "A finely serrated frilly kale with a tender texture making it suitable for salad mix at all stages of growth. A great cold tolerant variety that is mild, very sweet and adds a lot of volume to salad mix. Larger leaves are also good for bunching and cooking. We’ve received reports that Bear Necessities appears to confuse the swede midge, perhaps due to its super frilly leaves, giving Bear Necessities a clear advantage over other kales.

The swede midge is a pest that’s becoming a serious problem for growers on the East Coast. Leaves vary in color from green to purple but all plants in this Tim Peters-bred population have the super frilly, skeletal leaf type.

Derived from Russian and Siberian kales (B. napus) crossed with mizuna (B. rapa). Aka, Bare Necessities. As required by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Washington Crucifer Quarantine, all Brassica family seed lots have been tested and found negative for blackleg (Phoma lingam) by an approved, certified lab."


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