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Eden Brothers

Itoh Peony Roots - Bartzella

Itoh Peony Roots - Bartzella

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Itoh peonies (also known as intersectional peonies) have a mix of traits of two Peony varieties: the hardiness of traditional garden peonies, and the upright growing style and prolific blooms of tree peonies. Complementing their nicely tailored shape, Itohs produce enormous flowers from many buds, often 50 blooms per plant in a single season. Bartzella Peony brings charming yellow blooms with streaked crimson red centers. These blooms have a sweet fragrance and can measure up to 8 inches across! Strong stems hold the flowers upright, even after a heavy rain. Glossy, green foliage starts out copper-burgundy in the spring and provides interest throughout the season, once established.

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