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HERB, Bouquet Dill

HERB, Bouquet Dill

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Anethum graveolens  

Seeds per pack ~ 200  


 Deliciously easy to grow, dill thrives in gardens as well as raised beds and containers, even in partial sun. Dill despises being transplanted, so direct sow anytime after final frost to 1 month to first frost in fall. Quick to germinate, their abundant leaves are ready to harvest in three weeks with gorgeous six-inch flower umbels maturing just in time for pickling.

Dill flowers attract an abundance of beneficial pollinators, especially black swallowtail butterflies and lacewings. We love to tuck their beautiful blooms in bouquets, as well! Snipped on salads, tucked in sandwiches or baked with eggs, we sow more dill in containers just outside our doorstep every few weeks for a fresh, vigorous supply of leaves all season long!

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