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GINSENG, Chinese

GINSENG, Chinese

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Panax ginseng

Seeds per pack ~ 10

Germination: 83% cut  (Packed for 2023)

Chinese Ginseng is the famous woodland root used medicinally and as a daily stimulant and tonic around the world. Ginseng a slow-growing plant that can take several years to reach maturity and produce seeds. To ensure success in your ginseng cultivation, it is essential to understand the plant's natural environment and the best practices for cultivating it. Ginseng prefers rich, loamy soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5 and a shaded, moist environment. In the wild, ginseng is usually found growing in forests and wooded areas, typically on north-facing slopes. For optimal growth, it is crucial to recreate these conditions in your garden. Place the ginseng seed in a furrow about one to two inches deep when planting. Cover the seed lightly with soil and water thoroughly. Once planted, the area should be kept moist but not too wet. After about three weeks, the seed should begin to germinate and grow. Keep the area free of weeds and mulch the planted area for added moisture retention. As the plant matures, keep an eye out for the berries that will form on the plant stem and can be collected to create new plants. Ginseng should be planted in partial shade, with some direct sunlight. Regarding pruning, it's best to remove any dead or damaged foliage. You can prune the plant in the early spring to encourage further growth. Ginseng plants should be protected from pests and other adverse weather conditions.

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