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Garden Mix Cilantro - Parsley - Chives - Basil Seeds

Garden Mix Cilantro - Parsley - Chives - Basil Seeds

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Garden Mix Cilantro - Parsley - Chives - Basil Seeds

Organic Forest Green Parsley Seed (100 seeds)
Organic Santo Coriander Cilantro Seed (100 seeds)
Organic Genovese Basil Seed (100 seeds)
Organic Chives Seed (100) seeds
Planting Chives
Chives are hardy and will grow practically anywhere in the united states. They do well in cool weather but can survive almost any extreme temperature swings. Plant either seeds or divisions about 4-6 weeks before your average last frost date.
A late frost won't hurt them. You can grow chives from seed or divisions of small bulbs separated from clumps.
The seeds take a long time to germinate and need a very cool temperature, less than 60F. After their slow start, they grow quickly. Plant seeds 1/2" deep in rows spaced 12" apart. The plants can be fairly close together; small clumps (25 plants can be set out 6-8 inches apart in rows. They'll fill in and make an attractive array.

Planting parsley
If starting seeds indoors, use biodegradable pots because parsley doesn’t like to be transplanted. Seed germination is also slow, and seems older than the last growing season and may not germinate well.
For best results, Stratify seeds at 30–35°F for a few days and then soak in water for 6–8 hours before planting. Seed Depth: 1/4″ Space Between Plants: 8–12″ Space Between Rows: 12–18″ Germination Soil Temperature: Minimum 50°F, optimal 70–80°F. Days for Germination: 14–21 Sow Indoors: 6 to 8 weeks before average last frost.
Sow Outdoors: Start seeds in late fall for sprouts the following spring. Or plant 4 to 6 weeks before the average last frost or as soon as the soil can be worked.

Planting Genovese Basil
Direct seed (recommended): Plant seeds 1/4" deep, 2-3 seeds per inch, in rows 18" apart. Firm the soil over the seeds. Thinning is not necessary, but a final spacing of 4-8" apart produces healthy full plants.
Holy Basil requires some light for germination, so sow more shallowly than other basils.
Transplant: Sow indoors 6 weeks prior to setting out. Plant 1/4" deep and keep at 70°F (21°C) for best germination. Transplant to the field when seedlings have 3-4 sets of leaves, spacing at 4-8" apart in rows 18" apart.

Planting Cilantro
Plant cilantro in the spring after the last frost date or in the fall. In the Southwest, a fall planting may last through spring when the weather heats up again.

Do not grow in the summer heat as the plants will bolt (so it is past harvesting). The leaves that grow on bolted plants tend to be bitter in flavor. It is best to choose a sunny site that will allow cilantro to self-seed as it is ought to do.
Plant in an herb garden. When the weather gets warm, the plant will quickly finish its life cycle and send up a long stalk that will produce blossoms and later seeds. Little plants will sprout during the season and the next spring.
Plant the seeds in light, well-drained soil, and space them 1 to 2 inches apart. Sow the seeds at 3-week intervals for continued harvest space rows about 12 inches apart. It is important to keep the seeds moist during their germination, so remember to water the plants regularly.
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