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GALANGAL Rhizome THAI Ginger Zingiber Zingiberaceae

GALANGAL Rhizome THAI Ginger Zingiber Zingiberaceae

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Galangal is best planted in early spring by positioning small rhizomes with at least 1-2 buds about 20cm apart. Mark the area so you do not mistakenly destroy any rhizomes with a shovel when dormant. Try to plant them as understory plants where they will be protected from full sun and frost. Drought and frost sensitive, galangal does prefer tropical and sub-tropical conditions, but will grow well in warm temperate areas as long as they are protected from frost. In cooler areas you can always try growing them under a cloche. Galangal is relatively disease free; the only problem that may occur is root rot if the ground is too wet, even though they do prefer a moist soil.

Because galangal is a rhizome, the plants multiply in the soil, and it is these additional rhizomes that can be harvested. To harvest, carefully remove a few rhizomes from the side of the clump at a time rather than digging up the whole thing. This will allow the plant to keep producing for many years to come. It’s best to wait at least a year before beginning to harvest from new plants so that they can establish, but in only a few years’ time, you will be able to harvest whenever it is needed. If harvesting in large quantities or dividing plants for propagation, wait until the leaves have yellowed or died off in late autumn and winter.

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