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EGGPLANT, Thai Round

EGGPLANT, Thai Round

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Thai Round Eggplant    Solanum melongena  Seeds per pack ~ 50  Germination: 88% Packed for 2023

Though most English-language sources call this eggplant 'Thai Round,' it has a long history of being grown in a particular region of coastal Karnataka state in India, specifically a village called Mattu (or Matti), in the Udupi region. It's believed to have been a local specialty there for over 400 years, but it is also popular in Thailand and Vietnam. In India it is called 'Udupi Mattu Galli' ("Udupi Mattu" references the geographic origin, while "Galli" means round).

This is a great eggplant for shorter seasons, maturing in just 55-60 days. It responds well to heat. The very productive plant produces small round green-skinned fruits with white stripes that grow to 2" in diameter and up to 2 ounces. Best eaten when the fruit are still young.

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