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Echinacea Angustifolia

Echinacea Angustifolia

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Also called Narrow-leaved Coneflower.

An Herbaceous perennial, this ecotype native to the Rocky Mountains of North America.  Angustifolia is the most northerly ranging of all 9 indigenous American species.

Also known as "Mad Dog Plant" because the Plains Indians prized it as a remedy for rabid dog and rattlesnake bites, this species was likely included in an 1805 shipment of plants sent to Thomas Jefferson by the Lewis & Clark Expedition.  Deer-resistant and drought-tolerant. Recorded and/or collected by Lewis and Clark on their expedition. 

Attracts pollinators!

Contains approx. 30 heirloom seeds

NEW ARRIVAL for 2023

Conditions Comments: Narrow-leaf coneflower is a suitable addition to a prairie garden and attractive in flower arrangements. It tolerates well-drained clay-loam and high levels of soil alkalinity, and is more drought tolerant than E. pallida and E. purpurea. E. angustifolia tends to look poorly in its native habitat, but often thrives in cultivation.

Tip: Echinacea, also known as coneflowers, enjoy a sunny location with fertile soil. If your soil isn't particularly fertile, work in a little compost and supplement with a good organic fertilizer. Well-drained soil is a must.

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