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Dwarf Hairgrass Mini Live Aquarium Plants

Dwarf Hairgrass Mini Live Aquarium Plants

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Dwarf Hairgrass Mini Eleocharis Parvula Live Aquarium Plants

Eleocharis sp. 'Mini' only grows to a height of 3-6 cm, which makes it even smaller than Eleocharis parvula.

If you plant it in small tufts over the entire area to be covered it will soon form a dense, lush lawn thanks to its many runners.

It needs good light but is a great choice as a ground-covering plant as it is otherwise undemanding and hardly ever needs trimming.

Dwarf hair grass care info:

Care: intermediate
Co2: no but grows better with
Growth rate: fast
Placement: foreground
Lighting requirements: moderate
Color: green
Max size: 1-4 inches depending on lighting
Propagation: runners

Quantity: 1 Small Dwarf Hair Grass Clump

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