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Desert Rose Live Plant - Adenium Obesum

Desert Rose Live Plant - Adenium Obesum

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Adenium obesum (Desert Rose) Well Rooted Succulent Plants

This listing is for 1 healthy 6-8 inch single stem desert rose plant. These are 12-15-month-old plants. It is grown from seed and will be a mixed color.

Desert Rose is known for their thick, bulbous stems and roots which can reach a considerable size. They also flower prolifically throughout the growing season (the one pictured in the reference photo flowers from April to November).

The leaves are dark green and waxy and the stems are grey with a silver hue. If planted in a well-draining soil mix (mostly bark), fertilized, and watered generously, they will grow at a much faster rate than if treated like most succulents and kept on the dry side. Best grown in a container placed in full sun. Protect from temperatures below 45 F.

You will receive one well-rooted BRANCHING plant, similar in size to those in the second photo (3-4" in height, on average). The plants are growing in 2" containers and will be shipped as shown, with soil.

An attractive succulent that forms a large caudex over time, making it an excellent plant for bonsai training. It will flower prolifically during the growing season. It is also well suited to container growing, which is ideal in colder climates since the plant can be moved indoors during cold weather.

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