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CRESS, Dutch Broadleaf

CRESS, Dutch Broadleaf

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Dutch Broadleaf Cress GREENS Lepidium sativum 

Seeds per pack ~ 200 Germination: 99% (Packed for 2023)

A spicy, delicious and nutritious green from the Netherlands, where cress like this is almost a national obsession (small trays of garden cress sprouts — which they call "tuinkers" — can be found at most every supermarket in the country). An excellent pungent addition to most any sandwich, soup, or entree. Makes a great edible garnish, but it's tasty too. Succession sow for spicy cress all season long! Seeds can be used as a mustard-like flavoring as well. While most of this species have spindly little leaves, Dutch Broadleaf is a much wider version.

Our seed comes from our friends at Adaptive Seeds in Oregon. Here's what they say about it: "Very large, broad leaves for a garden cress, with nice wavy edges. Fairly slow to bolt. Good hot mustard flavor reminiscent of wasabi without too much spice. Makes a substantial addition to salad mix. Dutch Broadleaf cress is great on sandwiches, and we especially enjoy its peppery addition to BLTs. An old variety from the Netherlands, we sourced it originally from Shepherds Garden Seeds in 1999. Commercially unavailable for a decade, we are happy to have reintroduced it in 2009. Seed produced by Avoca in Corvallis, Oregon. As required by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Washington Crucifer Quarantine, all Brassica family seed lots have been tested and found negative for blackleg (Phoma lingam) by an approved, certified lab."


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