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True Comfrey is the original medicinal herb as detailed in all the ancient literature.  There is a white/cream flowered type and a purple flowered type.  This is the purple flowered type (very pretty).  The plant grows true from seed. 

Comfrey prefers a full to part sun position with rich, moist, but well-drained soil.  Sandy soil is fine as long as the plants are watered consistently during the growing season.

Attracts pollinators and can be grown in containers

Contains 20 heirloom seeds

Back in Stock for 2023 with very limited availability

Planting tips: Comfrey can be grown from seed, but it requires a winter chilling period to germinate.

Sow the seed just under the surface and tamp in securely.  Keep warm and moist until germination, which takes approximately 10 days.  Germination may take as long as 30 days. Grow the seedlings out in pots for about 3 months, then transplant to the garden.  You can also direct-seed into a fertile bed once the soil warms up a bit in the spring.

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