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COLLARD, Big Daddy Greasy

COLLARD, Big Daddy Greasy

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Brassica oleracea

Seeds per pack ~ 200 

Germination: 93% Sep 2022  (Packed for 2023)

Big Daddy Greasy Green Collard is a unique variety of collard with two distinct types - nine out of twelve plants are "greasy" (or shiny), while the other three are "non-greasy" (matte). The so-called greasy plants have wavy-edged green leaves in a large rosette, while the non-greasy plants vary in color, size, and growth habits. Among the forms of the non-greasy plants: a dark and dull blue-green color; medium green with a kale-like central stem and incised leaves; and highly undulate leaves, a more erect growth habit, and larger than the others. All Big Daddy Greasy Collards have a semi-prostrate growth habit, no heading capabilities, and a slight sweetness. These collards are a great addition to any garden and provide a unique and flavorful option for any dish. This heirloom landrace variety was stewarded by the late Hansel Sellars in Cairo, Georgia, for some 50 years. The seed was preserved by the USDA seedbank via Ed Davis.



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