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CHICORY, Grumolo Russo (Radicchio)

CHICORY, Grumolo Russo (Radicchio)

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Cichorium intybus

Seeds per pack ~ 200

Germination: 78%  Packed for 2023

Adaptive Seeds provided Ujamaa with this Red Grumolo-type, cold-hardy radicchio. They describe it thusly: "Forms a beautiful rosette in winter through spring that is so pretty it could be used as a boutonniere. Also great harvested young for salad mix and as cut-and-come-again loose leaves, that can have relentless regrowth. Slightly bitter tasting, the bitterness of the species is greatly reduced by frosts, soaking in cold water, a quick blanching or with light cooking. Great cooked in risotto. One of our most cold hardy winter greens. Seed produced by Deep Harvest Farm on Whidbey Island, Washington."

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