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CHERRY, Wild Black

CHERRY, Wild Black

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Prunus serotina 

Seeds per pack ~ 12

Germination: 53% (Packed for 2023)

Wild Black Cherry Tree (Prunus serotina) are recognized year-round by the dark, scaly bark, that flips up on their edges, in mature trees, often characterized as a burnt potato chip texture. The flowers are white in color and grow in long clusters attracting many pollinators. It's name comes from the both the color of the bark and edible fruits. The tree grows to about 60-115 ft tall. It range is from Ontario/Quebec south to central Florida; east from the coast west to Arizona and Mexico. The flowers on the tree are 5" long at the end of leafy twigs with 13" white flowers clusters, that come out in the spring. The fruits are 3/4"round black-purple in color when ripe.

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