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BEAN, Tiger Eye (Bush)

BEAN, Tiger Eye (Bush)

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Phaseolus vulgaris

Seeds per pack: ~ 30

Germination: 98%  Aug. 2022 (Packed for 2023)

Originating in South America, and known there as "pepa de zapallo" (which means "pumpkin seed"), tiger eye beans grow in a low bush and are very easy to grow. These are wonderful beans to use in cooking chili.

Harvest the beans when they are plump and the pods are just starting to dry out. These beans can be shelled fresh and cooked soon or dried for future use. Before planting, soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. Plant the seeds 1-2 inches deep and space them 3-4 inches apart. Water the soil regularly and keep it moist. The seedlings will start to emerge in around 12-15 days. Once they have grown to 4-5 inches in height, you can thin them out to 8-12 inches apart. Our seed comes from our friends at Adaptive Seeds.


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