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BEAN, Quincy Pinto (Bush)

BEAN, Quincy Pinto (Bush)

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Phaseolus vulgaris 

Approximately 30 seeds per pack.

Lot # HGHMWG-1 

Germination: 99% (For 2023)

Quincy' is a very high yielding pinto bean perfect for slow-cooking and canning. It has an upright bush habit, which makes it very easy to grow (no trellis needed!), and its large leaves help shade out weeds. This is a relatively new variety bred by the USDA and Washington State University for high productivity and disease resistance. It has high resistance to Bean Common Mosaic Virus and Bean Common Mosaic Necrosis Virus, both of which can be devastating to a non-resistant bean crop. It has intermediate resistance to Curly Top Virus as well. The flavor is delicious and creamy, ideal for chili, baked beans, refried beans, or any other recipe that calls for tasty mid-sized beans that hold up well even after long cooking. We acquired these seeds from High Mowing Seeds in Vermont.


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