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AMARANTH, Hopi Red Dye

AMARANTH, Hopi Red Dye

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Amaranthus spp.

Seeds per pack ~ 100 approx

Germination: 96% Packed for 2023

We acquired these seeds from our dear friends at Wild Garden Seeds. This is a heat tolerant annual with a nutrient-dense seed and leaves. The beautiful flower heads are beautiful in floral arrangements (fresh or tried), but it is a miraculous food as well. The leaves are cut for salad, the sprouts as microgreens, and seeds are ground for bread flour, popped, or baked in breads. The reddest seedlings of the tribe are preferred for micro-cuts due to their uniformly dark cotyledons. Tender young leaves are as purple as salad can get. Grind seed with flour corn for red cornbread — a traditional Hopi use for this lovely plant.

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