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800 Common English Lavender Seeds

800 Common English Lavender Seeds

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Lavender Seeds - Common English - Non-GMO

Common English lavender is a vigorous full sun performer and known to tolerate gardens prone to drought and poor soils. Do not overwater since lavender will perform poorly in oversaturated gardens which can lead to root rot, and leaf spots, and may not survive perennially over the winter. Trim back plants every 3 years to control the size and promote new robust growth. Lavender has no serious pests.

Add beauty and fragrance to your garden with this common variety of English Lavender. Lavender is very popular and can be dried for use in sachets, potpourris, and perfumes. English Lavender seeds grow into sturdy plants that produce a profusion of lilac flowers on silvery foliage.

This is the original species of English Lavender with flowers that dry well and have neat, bushy growth. One of the hardiest lavenders around, making this a popular choice for any garden. Commonly used for a myriad of medicinal uses, lavender is also popular in aromatherapy, culinary and decorative purposes.

Taxonomy: Lavandula angustifolia
Other Names: English Lavender, Common Lavender, True Lavender
Seed Type: Perennial
Sow Indoors or Outdoors: Sow indoors, 3 to 4 months before the last frost.
Days to Maturity: 2nd-year maturity
Hardiness Zone: 5 – 12
Planting Depth: barely cover--light aids in the germination.
Plant Spacing: 24”
Growth Habit: 18 – 24” tall shrubby upright with an 18 – 24” spread of classic 3” purple English lavender heads
Soil Preference: Average, medium dry, well-drained
Light Preference: Full sun

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