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75 Gold Crop - Yellow Bean Seeds

75 Gold Crop - Yellow Bean Seeds

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Yellow Bean, Gold Crop, Heirloom Beans, Bush Yellow Beans, Non-Gmo

“Goldcorp” yellow wax beans are one of the most flavorful wax beans available.  Goldcorp wax beans produce an abundance of 5” – 7” bright yellow, straight, stringless pods that are held high on short and sturdy plants. 

Tender and tasty, these yellow wax beans will be your favorite!  Goldcorp wax beans are very early and prolific producers and are also disease and insect-resistant.  Great fresh, canned or frozen, you can’t go wrong with this great-tasting gold crop wax bean!

Blooming Season Begins:  Early Summer
Life Cycle:  Annual
Propagation:  Sow Direct
Days to Emergence:  8
Light:  Full Sun
Growth Habit:  Bushy
Height:  Medium Tall (30 to 70 cm)
Frost Tolerance:  Killed by Frost
Days to Harvest:  54
Degree of Difficulty:  Easy
Heritage:  Heirloom
Family Name:  Leguminosae
Latin:  Phaseolus vulgaris

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