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75 Cumin Herb Seeds

75 Cumin Herb Seeds

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Cumin - Heirloom Herb Seeds

Cuminum cyminum. A member of the Umbelliferae family (dill, parsley, caraway) Cumin is native to the eastern Mediterranean region and has been grown as an herb, and dietary supplement, for thousands of years.

Cumin is mentioned several times in the Bible and was used heavily by the Greeks and Romans. Today it is used in Indian, Asian, Mediterranean, and Mexican cuisine.


Direct seed (recommended): Cumin requires a lengthy, warm growing season to ensure seed maturation. Sow seeds directly into prepared garden soil about 1/4- 1/2" deep when night temperatures stay above 50°F (10°C).

Plants are somewhat fragile and have a tendency to "lodge" or fall over, especially after a hard rain or when plants are flowering. This should not harm seed development.

To help avoid lodging, plant seeds close together in the row or bed so that the plants will support each other. Thin to 4-6" apart.


Seeds are ready to harvest when they are plump and have turned a dark tan color and the plant's foliage has died back. Harvest the seeds by hand, or pull entire plants to hang and dry. The seeds will shake off the plant easily once dried.

  • DAYS TO GERMINATION: 7-14 days
  • SOIL REQUIREMENTS: average rich, well-drained soil.
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 6-12

Quantity: 75 Seeds

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