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7 Lessertia Frutescens Seeds

7 Lessertia Frutescens Seeds

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Lessertia Frutescens also known as Sutherlandia

Attractive garden plant for its striking color and luminous flowers. Naturally growing in the Southern and West coast parts of Africa.

A small soft wooded shrub growing .5 to 1 meter tall. The leaves are compounded and gray/green in color, giving the bush a silvery appearance. The contrasting flowers are brilliant orange-red, up to 35 mm long. The fruit is a large, bladder-like, papery inflated pod and is almost transparent. It can be used in dry flower arrangements as it dries well, maintaining its color and form.

It is a tough, hardy plant that does well in full sun and tolerates all soil types. Drought tolerant, fast-growing, and overall an easy plant to grow.

Very unique to say the least!

Quantity: 7 Lessertia Frutescens Seeds

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