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500 Red Garnet Amaranth Seeds

500 Red Garnet Amaranth Seeds

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Red Garnet Amaranth Seeds | Pink Maroon Crimson Vegetable Herb Flower Seed

Red Garnet Amaranth is a strikingly beautiful deep crimson to maroon tropical plant with spoon-shaped to oval leaves and stunning magenta flower spikes and grain pseudo-cereal seeds, all are edible.

The delicately flavored sprouts can be used as a garnish for salads for 14-20 days and young leaves can be cooked like spinach.

Planting Instructions:

Plant 1/4 inch in the soil after the danger of frost has passed in Spring in at least 70F temperature soil. Harvest for micro-greens in 10-21 days, 30-50 days for young leaves, and 120 days for quinoa-like grains.

Species: Amaranth, Red Garnet
Size: 4-8 feet tall
Days to Germinate: 8-12 days
Days to Harvest: 40-120
Germination Rate: 85%
Lifespan: Annual
Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Shade

Within-Row Spacing: 10-12 inches
Between-Row Spacing: 16-18 inches

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