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500 Cattail Seeds

500 Cattail Seeds

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The Cattail is a robust, disease-resistant plant excellent for borders and bogs. It produces flattened leaves growing up to 6 feet tall in optimum conditions.

It expands via underground runners. It is an excellent natural water clarifier, and does well potted in the pond or planted in bogs. The Cattail is hardy to Zone 3 and will re-emerge every Spring.

Medicinal use of cattail:
The pollen is diuretic, emmenagogue and hemostatic. The dried pollen is said to be anticoagulant, but when roasted with charcoal it becomes hemostatic. It is used internally in the treatment of kidney stones, internal hemorrhage of almost any kind, painful menstruation, abnormal uterine bleeding, post-partum pains, abscesses, and cancer of the lymphatic system.

It should not be prescribed for pregnant women. Externally, it is used in the treatment of tapeworms, diarrhea, and injuries. An infusion of the root has been used in the treatment of gravel.

Edible parts of cattail :
Roots - raw or cooked. They can be boiled and eaten like potatoes or macerated and then boiled to yield a sweet syrup. The roots can also be dried, ground into a powder, and then used as a thickener in soups or added to cereal flours. Rich in protein, this powder is used to make biscuits, etc.

Young shoots in spring - raw or cooked. An asparagus substitute. The base of the mature stem - raw or cooked. It is best to remove the outer part of the stem. Young flowering stem - raw, cooked, or made into a soup. It tastes like sweet corn.

Other uses :
The stems and leaves have many uses, they make a good thatch, can be used in making paper, can be woven into mats, chairs, hats, etc. They are a good source of biomass, making an excellent addition to the compost heap or used as a source of fuel, etc. The hairs of the fruits are used for stuffing pillows etc. They have good insulating and buoyancy properties.

The female flowers make excellent tinder and can be lit from the spark of flint. The pollen is highly inflammable and is used in making fireworks. This plant's extensive root system makes it very good for stabilizing wet banks of rivers, lakes, etc.

Quantity: 500 Seeds

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