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50 Water Spinach Seeds

50 Water Spinach Seeds

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Water Spinach is an herbaceous semi-aquatic perennial plant. This cultivar Ching Quat is usually grown in moist soils, often in beds. Direct seed or transplants may be used. In warmer locations, it can be grown as a perennial. In cool to cold locations, It can be grown as an annual or as a greenhouse plant.
It does very well in hydroponic systems and is an excellent permaculture plant. It grows so fast and easily and tastes so good, that anyone in a temperate climate could grow this plant indoors in winter and outside in summer.

Almost all parts of the young plant tissue are edible but the tender shoot tips and younger leaves are preferred. A popular Thai leafy green dish, sauteed with garlic, oyster sauce, broth, etc. can be very delicious - a healthy, and flavorful way to get more green leafy vegetables in your diet.
Water Spinach grows rapidly in warm temperatures with abundant water and can be successfully grown in any vegetable garden with sufficient watering. Leaves and stems can be harvested at any growth stage once plants have become established.
Scientific name: Ipomoea aquatica

Other Names of water spinach include Water convolvulus, swamp cabbage (English); kankon, you-sai (Japanese); ong tsoi, weng cai (Cantonese); toongsin tsai (Mandarin); kang kong (Filipino, Malaysian); kang kung, rau muong (Vietnamese); pak bung (Thai); batata acquatica, cancon (Portuguese).
Germination rate: 96%
Hardiness: Seeds in about 59F began to Germinate, the Growth temperature of 68 ~ 95F.
Light: Prefers full sun
Soil pH: 5.5 to 7.0
Sensitive: Frost

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