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50 Thuja Tree Seeds - Thuja occidentalis

50 Thuja Tree Seeds - Thuja occidentalis

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Thuja Tree Seeds - Thuja Occidentalis - White Cedar Arborvitae Hedge Row Fast

Fast-growing! Feather-like dense evergreen foliage, uniform growth, and the ability to withstand a whacking are what sets these trees apart from the rest for reliable growth, thickness, and uniformity.

These seeds sprout readily and the trees grow hardy--perfect for hedging, tree sculpting, and privacy fencing with nature. Thuja occidentalis naturally grows in a pyramid shape however they can be re-shaped to your desire.

Plan your next landscaping project with Thuja trees and you won't be sorry.

Other Names: Thuya, Eastern Cedre, Northern White Cedar, Eastern White Cedar, Arborvitae
Grow Zones: 3,4,5,6,7,8
Germination: 95%, Tested and packed 11-1-2021

How to Care for Thuja White Cedar:
Plant in any soil type as long as there is proper drainage. Fertilize in early spring. Water during long periods of drought. Prune during fall or early winter to avoid the browning of the foliage.

Other Uses:
Burning cedar cleanses and purifies the air. Thuja occidentalis is also used in homeopathy.

Germination Procedure:
Soak seed for 24 hours. Sow in the fall for late spring sprouts. Otherwise, 2 months of cold/moist stratification in the freezer is required before sowing. Sow at a 1-inch depth in temperatures above 80 degrees.
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