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50 Spiny Bamboo Seeds - Bambusa Arundinacea Poaceae Thorny Stem

50 Spiny Bamboo Seeds - Bambusa Arundinacea Poaceae Thorny Stem

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Spiny Bamboo Seeds - Bambusa Arundinacea Poaceae Thorny Stem

Bambusa Arundinacea commonly known as spiny bamboo or bans is one of the largest varieties of grass in the world.
It has multiple branches coming out of the nodes with one or two of them being exceptionally large.

Although this variety thrives in tropical and subtropical climate but it can be very easily grown as pot plant and can be an impressive summer bedding for the garden.

Botanical nomenclature: Bambusa bambos / Bambusa arundinacea
Common name: Giant Bamboo, Indian Bamboo, Giant Thorny Bamboo
Family: Poaceae
Source: southeast Asia
Height: 30 meters
Diameter: 15-25 cm
Climate: tropical, tropical of altitude, and subtropical

Rizoma paquimorfo

Very quick and not invasive growth species

The columns are strong, cylindrical, ereto, oco, of dark green color, and with 30 meters of height, and up to 25 cm in diameter.

This species occupies 15 percent of the total bamboo area in India. South Asian native, widely introduced and cultivated along the tropics. Found in almost all India in a wild state.

Species prefer only humid and rich in organic matter and grow through vales and rivers pennies. In the floor alluvial sole, the columns are reported to attain a height between 25 and 30 meters and a diameter between 20 and 25 cm.

In India, the leaf extract is used in local medicine for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

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