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50 Siergras Clumping Bamboo Seeds

50 Siergras Clumping Bamboo Seeds

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Siergras Bamboo roots concentrated dense, fast-growing bamboo stalks, grow large. therefore, requires a warm and humid climate, the average annual temperature is 15-20, the annual precipitation is 1200-1800mm.

Soil requirements are also higher than the general species, both require plenty of moisture conditions and product intolerance flooded dip.

Acidic fertile red soil, a thick layer of slate, shale, granite, sandstone, and other rock and development, yellow-red, distributed more on the soil, grow well.

In heavy clay soil, dry red soil texture and woodland water, where the water table is too high of poor growth. Afforestation should be selected on the select leeward south valleys, foothills, mountain areas, soil depth of 50cm or more, fertile, moist, good drainage, and ventilation acidic sandy soil or sandy loam place.

Quantity: 50 Siergras Clumping Bamboo Seeds

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