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50 Red Fountain Bamboo Seeds

50 Red Fountain Bamboo Seeds

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Red Fountain Bamboo Seeds is a well-behaved, clumping bamboo whose new shoots emerge green before blending to deep yellow and then changing to crimson red.

This particular Fargesia is best positioned in a sunny spot for the brightest stem color. Ideal has grown at the back of borders or used for screening, this non-invasive, evergreen bamboo also makes a superb specimen plant for the patio. Height: 3m (10'). Spread: 1.5 (5'). Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Feed and water container-grown bamboos regularly. Re-pot into successively larger containers as plants increases in size. Bamboos planted directly into borders will require watering for the first two years until fully established.

In spring thin out the oldest canes, cutting them back to ground level, and apply a mulch of well-rotted manure or compost to the base of the plant. Mature bamboos can be lifted and divided in spring if clumps become congested. In winter, protect canes from cold drying winds.

Plant Size

  • Height Up To 300cm (119in)
  • Spread Up To 150cm (59in)

Hardiness & Longevity

  • Hardy Perennial

Position In

  • Full Sun
  • Sun Or Semi Shade

Quantity: 50 Seeds

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