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50 Red African Tulip Tree Seeds

50 Red African Tulip Tree Seeds

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Red African Tulip Tree Spathodea Campanulata Fire Tree Flower Seeds

This African native is fast-growing and has evergreen leaves. These trees grow up to 60' in Africa.

They grow 6’ a year and add 2” of diameter to their trunks per year. The tree will bloom when it is 3 years old.

The leaves of the plant are hardy to 28-30F and the roots are hardy to 22F, so they are pretty tolerant of the cold. The huge, brightly colored flowers are absolutely breathtaking!

Name: Red African Tulip Tree
Other Common Names: Fire Tree / Flame of the Forest / Fountain Tree
Scientific Name: Spathodea campanulata
Color: Crimson Red Softball Sized Showy Clusters of Flowers That Resemble Tulips
Plant Seeds: Outdoors After Frost / Indoors Weeks Before Last Frost
Bloom Time: Summer
Hardiness Zone: 10 - 11 (or in Containers)
Plant Height: Up to 60' (or Pruned to Desired Size Indoors)
Plant Spacing: 40' / Containers
Light Requirements: Sun
Soil & Water Preferences: Average

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