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50 Nemesia Strumosa Seeds

50 Nemesia Strumosa Seeds

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Nemesia Strumosa Seeds

Nemesia is an adorable little tender perennial that will add lots of fun color to your garden. These small plants have a neat bushy habit making them a great choice for beds, borders, planted in groups to form a groundcover, or in containers & hanging baskets.

They are evergreen in warmer climates. The two-lipped flowers measure ½” across & feature yellow throats that really make ‘em pop. Nemesia’s flowers are fragrant, & will attract bees & butterflies. You will be amazed by how many blooms smother these plants!

A native of South Africa, Nemesia prefers cool weather & does not perform as well in extreme heat & humidity. They do enjoy the sun, but in extremely hot areas, a bit of afternoon shade will help keep them cool resulting in a longer bloom time.

The plants can also be pinched to encourage more blooms. Nemesia grows quickly, & is very easy to grow from seed. Although they are annual in most places (a tender perennial) they will reseed to give you new plants the following season.

Scientific Name: Nemesia Strumosa
Plant Seeds: Outdoors After Frost / Indoors Weeks Before Last Frost
Bloom Time: All Summer
Hardiness Zone: 9 - 10
Plant Height: 6 - 12"
Plant Spacing: 9 - 12"
Light Requirements: Sun - Part Shade
Soil and Water Preferences: Average

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